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Bestselling GNC supplements for restful sleep

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Due to the current pandemic situation prevailing all over the world, the stress levels have increased drastically. It is important to maintain work life balance, especially now that most people are working from home. Have a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook to keep stress levels in check. Also you can include GNC supplements for restful sleep in your everyday routine to ensure you get healthy sleep and your body is recharged and rejuvenated.

Melatonin supplements are considered best for restful sleep and are often used to treat insomnia and sleep disorders. Melatonin is also helpful when you are traveling, and your body needs to adjust to a new time zone. In a research it was shown that a group of people who were given 2 mg of melatonin before bed fell asleep better and showed 15% improvement in their sleep quality. People who have sleep disorders or face trouble sleeping must increase melatonin levels in their diet through supplements.

It is highly recommended that you consult a doctor to know the dosage of melatonin supplements. Ideally you should start with a small dosage to see how your body reacts to it and accepts it. Once your body gets used to it, you can slowly increase the dosage depending upon your doctor’s advice. Some of the main side effects of melatonin supplements are – dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, and drowsiness.

Check out these 3 amazing GNC supplements for restful sleep.

1.GNC Melatonin

GNC Melatonin is one of the top selling GNC supplements for restful sleep. If you are looking for a supplement that’ll help improve your sleep quality and regulate your sleep cycle, then this is the perfect option. Each tablet provides 3 mg of melatonin with vitamin B6 which plays a pivotal role for proper functioning of nervous system.

It is ideal for adult use and as a dietary supplement you should take one tablet before bedtime. Be careful that this product should not be taken by pregnant and lactating women. It is one of the most effective melatonin supplements and if you have a conducive lifestyle, it’ll show amazing results.

2.GNC Pro Performance Zinc Magnesium Amino (ZMA) Complex

GNC Pro Performance ZMA Complex  is a potent blend that supports hormone production. It is ideal to promote deep sleep and relaxation with melatonin. GNC Pro Performance ZMA Complex features advanced night time amino blend that is known for its beneficial results. The main benefits are – it relaxes the nerves and promotes restful sleep.

If your stress levels fluctuate which leads to erratic sleep cycle and if you want to improve your sleep quality, then this GNC supplement will be the perfect solution for you. As a dietary supplement, take one capsule near bedtime. Always remember that supplements should be taken under expert guidance. If you have a chronic medical condition or are allergic to certain ingredients, make sure to read the ingredient list carefully and ask your doctor for an alternative.

3.GNC Melatonin – time release

GNC Melatonin – time release offers a natural way to balance and support restful sleep. Each serving provides 3 mg of melatonin. Since this is a time release formula, the melatonin is released slowly into your bloodstream to improve overall absorption. It is also enriched with vitamin B6 which is essential for nervous system.

As a dietary supplement, take one tablet before bedtime. It is ideal for adult use and make sure you don’t exceed the dosage in a period of 24 hours. It is especially beneficial for people who have a disrupted sleep cycle and are experiencing jet lag.

Tips for restful sleep

Apart from including GNC supplements for restful sleep, it is also important to have a proper routine that helps you sleep better. Here are some tips for better sleep. If you are pregnant, a lactating mother, or someone with a chronic medical condition, then it is recommended that you stay away from these supplements, unless especially prescribed by your doctor.

  1. Reduce blue light exposure during evening.
  2. Don’t consume caffeine or products with caffeine near your bedtime.
  3. Reduce day time naps.
  4. Follow a sleep cycle and try to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.
  5. Include melatonin supplements for restful sleep.
  6. Take a relaxing bath or shower before bedtime.
  7. Read something before going to bed.
  8. Switch to a comfortable mattress and pillow.
  9. Meditate before you go to bed to clear your mind and calm yourself.
  10. Have a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.

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